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Jakkur, Bengaluru

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The Treehouse is a standalone tower of 8 floors with 7 flats per floor.

Besides providing cleanly designed, Vaastu compliant flats of 2 and 3 bedrooms each, the design strives to provide an active lifestyle that combines a closeness to nature and a general sense of well being.

A unique feature of the architecture is the club. In thisdesign, the club is deconstructed into various elementsand all these elements are diffused across the centre ofthe building that we call, De‘Club.

In addition to the central club, the balconies here are not just simple terraces but are treated as landscaped courtyards in the sky. Partially open, they incorporate vertical vegetable gardens that encourage growing your own food.

As an architectural concept, The Treehouse has seen years of development and fine tuning. We’re thrilled to see this idea finally come to light.


The De'Club concept revolutionizes traditional residential clubhouses by distributing amenities across each floor, making them central to daily life. This innovative approach transforms the clubhouse into a vibrant social space, fostering interaction and community among residents. The openness and visibility create an energetic atmosphere, setting a new standard for residential amenities and promoting an active, engaging lifestyle.

Edible Green

The landscape features edible plants, fruit trees, and areas for vegetables and saplings, utilizing collected rainwater from roofs and pavements for non-potable uses and groundwater recharge. Additionally, treated wastewater will be employed for landscaping needs and toilet flushing systems, leveraging modern treatment technologies.

Balcony Gardens

Balconies in this development extend living spaces, offering customizable features including the option to create vertical, organic vegetable gardens. These gardens not only provide residents with fresh produce but also protect the interiors from intense sunlight. Alternatively, occupants can choose louvred screens for similar sunlight protection.

Floor Plans

floor plan - 2bhk

floor plan - 2bhk

floor plan - 2bhk

floor plan - 2bhk

floor plan - 2bhk

floor plan - 2bhk

floor plan - 2bhk

floor plan - 2bhk

floor plan - 2bhk

floor plan - 2bhk

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