The Cove

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Vaibhav Nagar, Belagavi

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Under construction


Bauxite Road, Belgavi

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A premium neighbourhood with plots ranging from 2450 sft to 3850 sft.

The plan for an individual house is generated by a structured set of 6 steps. The design is divided into 3 zones on the ground floor and 3 first floor. Each zone has a range of spatial and programmatic options that a home owner can choose. Compatibility between zones decides the options available for combining the spatial modules. In this way, options in each of these zones allows you to customise your home as per your unique requirements and you have a universe of some 2500 home plan options to chose from.

The design wheel shows how just three options for each of the zones will give you 729 unique home designs.

No two buildings may be identical but all of them speak a common design language that creates a cohesive neighbourhood devoid of the visual cacophony that is a characteristic of suburban India.

Cove Garden

The cove garden is a lush garden spread across more than half an acre. The garden combines nature with activity and provides a space that offers something for everyone, from young children to elderly people living in the neighbourhood.

Street Play Zone

Our design recognises the multi-functionality of the Indian street and the main avenue of the layout is a unique design that merges the functionality of a road carrying mild traffic and the playfulness of the Indian streetscape where children colonise the streets whenever they can.


The Formist health pavilion and swimming pool is located on a narrow sliver of land adjoining the Cove. Here, a minimalist space with contemporary aesthetics provides the backdrop for a maximalist lifestyle that combines leisure with activity.

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